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SOYAN MEGA SOFT was established in 2060 B.S. It was founded to offer expertise in GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and Photogrammetry Digital Mapping issues and Natural Resource Management. The foundation of this endeavor was the strategic alliance between the Survey department (GoN) and consulting companies that gave to SOYAN MEGA SOFT PRIVATE LIMITEDits business orientation. Since then SOYAN MEGA SOFT has completed a wide variety of expert services in GoN likewise Survey Department , Nepal Army GIS cell ,Nepal irrigation Sector Project, Soil Test Lab Agriculture section ,National Land use Project etc. The strongest presence has been in Topographic Survey Branch and Land use project where Soyan Mega Soft, the Topographic Survey Branch and Land use project together have been implementing a GIS /Remote Sensing for updating creating digital Map with attribute using satellite Imagery resolution of 50cm to 23 m Multi spectral since.

Soyan MegaSoft caters to both GoN and consulting companies’ clients. They are mainly from mapping Component sector (Ministries, Municipalities, Survey Department Project Planner, and a variety of Private Companies). Soyan Mega Soft Private Limited implements projects in collaboration with private companies, universities, and NGOs both. The motto of this company is "Our work is the Presentation of our Capabilities." Soyan Mega Soft Pvt Ltd Joined hand with Hexagon group as associate partner for integrated design, measurement and visualization technologies.


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Soyan Mega Soft' Visions to be the leading company in the country in providing innovative, reliable, and professional Remote Sensing, CAD & GIS solutions and Supply and deliveries of different goods and services that match standards.

Market Leader since 2003 A.D.
Complete solutions for many applications like RS, GIS, CAD
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SOYAN MEGA SOFT PRIVATE LIMITED services are based on in-depth knowledge and understanding, strong scientific backstopping GIS / Remote Sensing / GPS / Photogrammetry, efficient project management and systems approach to environmental issues. Soyan Mega Soft Private Limited pool of experts consists of professionals specialized in GIS/Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Forestry, Geography, Geology, Sociological, Economical, and Cultural and Environmental issues. Due to these resources Soyan Mega Soft Private Limited is able true analyses effectively in each case the existing balance between activities and nature and look for solutions in the conflicting cases.

Soyan Mega Soft private limited provides strong scientific and logistic support and backstopping to the projects undertaken. Soyan Mega Soft private limited also builds strongcollaboration with local partners and INGO's. GIS/GPS/ Remote Sensing and Aerial survey issues and social commitment at the local level are part of the company’s participatory methodology of work. Strong Presence in mapping and surveying parts Experienced in field of Land resources mapping .

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Surveying is the art, science, and technology of detecting the relative position of points at, above, or below the surface of the earth; or establishing such points. Surveying can also be define in a broad way as the art, science, and technology of gathering and analyzing measurement data related to the land and other land-related surfaces and spaces, to include designing and devising the measurement specifications and standards to accomplish these measurements with the desired precision and accuracy and error control and adjustment, including the use of all instrumentation applicable to such measurements, said measurements typically being, but not limited to distances, heights, angles, directions, positions, areas, volumes, and other measurements associated with these quantities.

Soyan Mega Soft Provides consulting service for carrying out Detail Survey, Construction Survey, Control Points Survey, Leveling and mapping.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the art and science of recording, measuring, and analyzing information about a phenomenon from a distance. Humans with the aid of their eyes, noses, and ears are constantly seeing, smelling, and hearing things from a distance as they move through an environment. Thus, humans are naturally designed to be remote sensors. In order to study large areas of the Earth’s surface geographers use devices known as remote sensors.

These sensors are mounted on platforms such as helicopters, planes, and satellites that make it possible for the sensors to observe the Earth from above. Remote sensing collects information about the earth surface from a distance. The collection of such information can be classified from few meters from the earth surface or from the aircraft thousands of meters above the surface or from satellites orbiting hundreds of kilometres above the earth.

Digital Photogrammetry

Digital photogrammetry is a well-established technique for acquiring dense 3D geometric information for real-world objects from stereoscopic image overlap and has been shown to have extensive applications in a variety of fields. In general, digital photogrammetry is the art of using computers (Digital Photogrammetry workstations) to obtain the measurements of objects in a photograph.

Aerial photogrammetry refers to the collection and processing of imagery captured from an aerial or orbital vehicle. Close-Range photogrammetry (CRP) refers to the collection of photography from the ground or some lesser distance than traditional aerial photogrammetry and is becoming increasing popular and accessible due to new, easy to use software and digital cameras. Non-metric, off-the-shelf digital cameras can be used along with relatively inexpensive, or in some cases free, open-source software, to extract and process highly accurate and detailed 3D models of real-world objects.

Enterprise GIS/Web GIS

An Enterprise GIS is a geographic information system that is integrated through an entire organization so that a large number of users can manage, share, and use spatial data and related information to address a variety of needs, including data creation, modification, visualization, analysis, and dissemination.

Web GIS is a new pattern for delivering GIS capabilities for implementing GIS as a platform. Maps on the web provide a new paradigm for how people everywhere access and use geographic information. They use GIS maps on their desktops, the web, on tablets, and smart phones for a sophisticated range of activities to apply advanced geographic information.

Web GIS introduces a new and exciting platform for doing GIS better. It builds on and fully integrates your existing ArcGIS investments. This pattern helps existing users do their work, and also extends the reach of GIS to everyone.

Geographic Information System

Geographic information (i.e. land information, spatial information) is information that can be associated with a place name, a street address, section/township, a zip code, or coordinates of latitude and longitude. A multitude of government functions require geographic information; at least 70 percent of all information used by local governments is geographically referenced. For example, property records and assessment, planning and zoning, permit tracking, natural resource management, infrastructure and transportation management, economic development planning, and health and public safety.

All of these applications consider the location of certain features on the landscape in relation to other features. For instance, in assessment, the location of soil types relative to property parcels is considered, whereas in planning and zoning, the location of animal confinement facilities relative to residential areas might be relevant. A Geographic Information System (GIS) allows the user to examine and visualize these relationships. Using GIS, we can incorporate all of this information into a single system and execute common database operations. For example, GIS allows we to perform statistical analysis or spatial queries, to explore ‘what-if' scenarios, and to create predictive models.

System Integration

We are System Integrator working in the Corporate and Government Organizations promoting IT solutions and help customers Align IT with their business goals and processes effectively. We are a technology & business consulting and implementation firm whose mission is to continually improve business processes that will allow clients to work more efficiently, with intention of assisting businesses in need of IT solutions. Our goal is to be able to provide companies with every possible solution in Information Technology & systems (Plan, Design, Integrate, Implement and Support) for each company's individual needs. We offer total solutions to the most complex of today's Information Systems and Business Automations problems.


The growing interest to foreign products of Nepalese costumers has opened us a new prospective in export import trade and with the group of young and synergetic team, we hope to explore it.

We are a sourcing company and we have the flexibility to meet demands. Creating synergies between buyers and sellers and ensuring all parties win We trade; garments, rice, wheet, fertilzer, IT equipments, security devices,chimecals, hardware metirials, electronics items, crates, printing machines etc.


Soyan Mega Soft provides one-stop-solution to comprehensive business services including providing expert and unparalleled value added representation and liaison services to foreign principals seeking business activities in Nepal.

Soyan Mega Soft provides specialized services to their principle comapnies like; Contracting/Executing Support Services, Local Outsourcing Services, Surveys and Proposal Preparations, Liaison and Logistics Support Services.

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